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All New Twitch Channel Upgrades you will want to be a part of!

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All new way to get hosted, rewards such as steam keys, advertising and free custom graphics design work and more! What this is the more time you watch other small streamers being hosted on this Twitch channel. The more doubloons you earn, the more rewards you get and the more you get hosted! This helps you and all the other small streamers from our community! Good right?! SO make sure you watch other small streamers, follow them and this way we all grow together if you have any ideas or suggestions go to our forums at Forums. Make sure check out the panels on our twitch page here for more information!

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Get on the monthly hosting list

!hostme {your twitch channel}

For example: !hostme

1,000 Hostin' Doubloons


Tweet shout out

!tweet shout {Account name or weblink}

For example: !tweet shout @twitctvhost or etc

2,000 Hostin' Doubloons


YouTube Channel Advertising Small

!youtube ad {youtube channel}

or example: !youtube ad

3,000 Hostin' Doubloons


Twitch Account Advertising Small

!twitch small ad {your twitch channel}

For example: !twitch small ad

3,000 Hostin' Doubloons


Twitch Channel Advertised Big Advert

!twitch add big {your twitch channel}

For example: !twitch add big

5,000 Hostin' Doubloons supporter of the week

!supporter {Twitch channel}

For example: !supporter

7,500 Hostin' Doubloons


Pick a sound effect, added to the channel chat bot

!sound effect {Sound effect}

For example: !sound effect John Cena meme

9,000 Hostin' Doubloons


Random Steam Key

!steam key

10,000 Hostin' Doubloons


Custom graphics designed for your twitch, twitter or facebook acount

!graphics {info, colors, games and site}

For example: !graphics Call of duty, twitter,red and blue@twitchtvhost

10,000 Hostin' Doubloons


See how many coins you have by using !ma'stach How to get coins?

While you are in the channel you earn Doubloons every 10 mins!

Folling twitchhosttv on Twitch gets you Doubloons

Hosting twitchhosttv on twitch gets you Doubloons

Going to this link and tweeting will get you Doubloons >Tweet us< More soon!



check out the panels on our twitch page here

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