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First YouTube tutorial video

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Yay, finally we have our first Twitch tutorial video completed and uploaded!If you  haven't register at the forums and are a subscriber, make sure  you do so you get early access  to the videos before the public. Forums here

Then two days later they will be posted on our YouTube channel here for everyone. 

We will be  posting more and more  tutorials to help #supportsmallstreamersso make sure you subscribe so you don't miss anything!

We have a lot more  cool stuff coming in the near future so keep an eye out. Just like on our front page of we have  automatic hosting of people we follow. It now randomly selects someone who we  follow, who is online and streams them! Awesome huh?!

Thanks again for your support, you  guys are awesome!

Twitter hits 6.5k followers wooo!

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Awesome what support guys thanks so much! Our twitch community growing astronomically As we all you have  to do to get on our follow list is @twitchtvhost #twitchtvhost #twitchtvhostfollow or use #teamtwitchhosttv. So make sure you keep using these tweets, to get followed, retweeted and/or hosted! Quicker than we know it, we will be at 10k omg! Thats why we are  one of the fastest streaming  communities online.

Thank you  all for your wonderful support!

First lot of hosted badge giveaways

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So with all the hosting we are now doing, we give everyone who is hosted the hosting badge to post on their page. This show they support our awesome community and we have hosted their stream. The bonus of this we like to come in and check these channels and see how they are going, and give away. So we went in to some of these channels and gave away steam key to the streamer and as a bonus an extra key for them to give away to their supporters. This month we these amazing streamers won prizes!

@Vapour_Trail_ at

@TierOneH3llboi at

@mastro29gaming at

So if you have been hosted, make sure you have your hosting badge on your page! We check in and will be doing more give away soon. Yay!

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