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Free twitch overlays, what would you want to see?

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SO you might know we have posted a link and prices of costume overlays, banners, profile pictures brb and offline screens on our site. These are super cheap but if your starting out and don't want to A) Use the same free overlays as everybody else or B) Don't want to purchase any to start. We have a solution! Even tho as busy as i am with this site and streaming im going to try my best to help out. This is what I'm going to do, you guys suggest the games you love to play and we are going to make sets of free overlays for you to download and use. 

All we need is for you guys to start by telling us what games you like to play, and the color schemes you would like. For example if you say DOTA2 we will make a free overlay with say 3 or 4 different colors so hopefully give you all a bit of a difference to choose from!

Below is a poll, click on the game you want or add a different game to the poll at the end or post, tweet reply or anything you can to contact us with your opinions. Its up to you guys as were making them for you!

 The first lot of FREE overlays are now up on our download page, or click on the download button on the left side of the page


 Don't forget to vote for what game you want the next free overlays to be for, below!

Click read more to vote

Graphics Desgin for Twitch, Twitter and Facebook

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Ok so the first thing people will see about your channel will always be the graphics, from the icon and banner, to your offline picture and when streaming your overlay. This is also the same for Facebook and Twitter, the first thing is also your banner and profile picture. Normally finding these you are stuck with the same free products that everybody else uses and you just blend in with the rest. Lucky for us we  have a special foot in the door for you. We offer you your own customized work for you, for your channel, for your brand just about as cheap as it gets!. These are done by our graphics design team and a favor to help you get your channel looking how you  want, for a fraction of the normal price!

So below we have some examples of other work we have done, so if you want your very own personalized work buy one now!

Don't forget to make sure you ad these details below:

 All work will be first in first out and we will do these ASAP as we know how much a difference  a little time makes

When purchasing one of the below items please add 

  • Contact details: email and/or twitch channel, steam or Facebook
  • Color Scheme: What colors you would prefer
  • Look: A general description of what you would like it to look like
  • Additional info: Anything you would like added

 We will even give you one extra review and edit if its not quite what you were looking for :D

Click read more for these great deals! OMG!

Stream and Supporter of the Week

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Hi guys so we have added a new feature to the site, the Stream of the week and the supporter of the week. Stream of the week will be picked from random from our Twitter account and supporter of the week will be paid advertising of only $10 for a week to help with some of the costs of this page. As a support for support kind of thing lol. Think of the extra advertising and views and we will also be posting links to your page to our twitter and our Facebook. Sounds good? IT IS! All you need to do is click on the buy button under the picture and link.. go to cart and purchase! First in best dressed this is going to be huge!


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