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Twitchhosttv The Dribble COMING SOON!

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Coming soon to our new Pod Cast "The Dribble". Soon we will be running a weekly show on both Live on our Twitch and then will upload the videos to our YouTube account.

We will be  showing random movies and new from the week, talking about games and streaming, and the best part our weekly  STREAMER SPOTLIGHT! On our streamer spotlight every week we will be bringing a streamer we follow on to the show to talk about them self and their stream. This way we will help small streamers get to know each other that little bit more. It should be worth a laugh  so make sure you look out for more info coming soon!

All New Twitch Channel Upgrades you will want to be a part of!

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All new way to get hosted, rewards such as steam keys, advertising and free custom graphics design work and more! What this is the more time you watch other small streamers being hosted on this Twitch channel. The more doubloons you earn, the more rewards you get and the more you get hosted! This helps you and all the other small streamers from our community! Good right?! SO make sure you watch other small streamers, follow them and this way we all grow together if you have any ideas or suggestions go to our forums at Forums. Make sure check out the panels on our twitch page here for more information!

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New super cool subscriber badges

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So i made some addition to the subscriber badges. So depending on your subscription to Patreon you get different sub badge.  So tell me what  you guys think? Do you like it? Tell us.. 

Subscribe at PatreonThe Wee Lil Supporter Pack

Subscribe at Patreon The Average Joe Package

Subscribe at Patreon Fan of the Program Pack

Subscribe at Patreon Love ya work twitchhost Pack

Subscribe at Patreon Big supporter pack Much love Pack

Subscribe at Patreon Partnered Streamer Super Supporter Pack 

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